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Balcony companies Dorset


Are you looking for a balcony specialist that can provide a strong and sturdy balcony in a variety of materials and designs? If you answer is yes, then look no further than New Balcony. We are one of the leading Dorset balcony companies and manufacture our balconies to a wide variety of styles.

The leading Dorset balcony company

Here at New Balcony, we make it our personal goal to ensure that a range of balcony designs are available using all the most durable and aesthetically pleasing materials available.

As the premium choice for Dorset balcony companies we ensure that our balconies are completely unique whilst also being cost effective. By making use of a small space, Balcony companies Dorsetthe value and overall look of your home can be greatly increased.

We take pride as one of the best balcony companies Dorset and are able to achieve this through the variety of material choices we provide for our balcony fittings. These range from stainless steel, coated mild steel or aluminum, all of which are installed to a superior quality and are therefore not prone to rusting.

Our professionals are able to put their 10 years experience into their complex work for commercial and domestic balconies. We can tailor a balcony style to any of our clients’ specific requirements as one of the leading Dorset balcony companies.

Stainless steel balcony

Unlike other balcony companies Dorset, the stainless steel balcony installment that we provide is to an exceptional standard and highly versatile to match your particular style. To maximize the appealing impact of your stainless steel balcony we provide a bespoke design using only the absolute best in product quality.

We work very closely with all of our clients to ensure that they are 100% satisfied with the end result. As a business we strive to meet and excel the standard expected of us from our customers.

Juliette balcony

Are you looking for balcony companies Dorset who can provide a balcony fixture with a vast array of styles to address any of your specifications? If yes then the Juliette balcony is the ideal choice for you. This balcony is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a cost friendly option and is installed in a time efficient manner.

This choice is perfect for properties that cannot support a full balcony, as you cannot physically step out onto it. It is however completely maintenance free and provides a perfect relaxing space to de-stress.

Glass balcony

If it’s not the classic balcony style that you are looking for from Dorset balcony companies, then the glass balcony from New Balcony is the only choice for you. No matter the age of your property, glass balconies come in a variety of different styles and can applied to old or new buildings.

The transparency of the glass balcony can offer a full spectacular view of your surroundings and are guaranteed to add a great aesthetic addition to any property as well as increase value.

Why choose us for your balcony companies Dorset service

Aside from our huge range of balcony styles and designs available as well as the wealth of experience that we have in the field of balcony installation, here are some of the benefits we provide, that separates us from other Balcony companies Dorset:

  • Our ethos is understand, satisfying and exceeding our customer’s expectations and we combine this with an exception service.
  • We use only the most skilled designers and workmen in the field and have over a decade of experience to share.
  • Unlike other Dorset balcony companies, we work closely with all customers to ensure that we can match and exceed the exact design requirements that they have.
  • We measure every part of your balcony fixture to exact dimensions to ensure that we provide a fast and cost effective service the first time.


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